Getting Distracted


I’m starting this as a distraction. A distraction from academic writing, from reading, and from life in general. I went to see the infamous big duck in Pittsburgh (a 40 ft. replica of a rubber duck that was docked in the city for a few weeks) today – and one lesson I took away from the gigantic bathtub fowl is that people love to be distracted.

As I stood in a crowd of people waiting to have my picture taken with the behemoth ducky, I really began to contemplate the important role of distraction in my own life. Not only was I concerned about how this duck acted as an “opium of the people,” but I, myself, was enamored enough with the idea of seeing this duck that I ventured out into the city with my cohort members to see it in person. I felt the pressure to have this gigantic symbol of distraction be a part of my life. Seeing it made me feel great but that sense of greatness was fleeting.

I say all of this to say that I am starting this blog as a distraction. Hopefully it will be a worthwhile distraction, unlike the duck. Hopefully I will learn more about myself as I write it. Hopefully it will be more than a fleeting distraction for anyone who reads it.