That’s What She Said… or Made. Embroidery!

“I’m running away from my responsibilities and it feels good.” – Michael Scott

I love The Office. I also love embroidery. I also also love running away from my responsibilities. I decided to bring all of these things together to make The Office themed embroidery. It’s been a fun project to do on the side of all of my other projects (and work). Here are some that I’ve made.

Alongside my The Office themed embroidery, I’ve made a few other ones for friends.

Embroidery has definitely grown into being one of my favorite crafts. I’ll keep you updated as I make more.


I keep that thang (crochet hook) on me.

I began crocheting in 2011 when I gave up knitting. I learned how to crochet on YouTube and my first project was a gigantic blanket that I made while working an answering service job. Since then I have crocheted blankets, scarves, hats, baby shoes, stuffed animals, dolls, tiny food, and clothes. The thing I love the most about crocheting is that it is fast and super stress relieving. I would suggest it to anyone who has some anxiety that they need to work through, or I guess to anyone who is just bored in the house (and in the house bored). Below I want to share some of the things that I’ve made over the past year:

The most recent thing that I made is this multicolor granny square throw blanket. I initially started it last year when I just mindlessly crocheted a bunch of granny squares while I was writing. I found the bag of these random squares while I was packing up to leave Minneapolis to come home to Cleveland to ride out the pandemic. I don’t know how you’ve dealt with what feels like the end of the world, but I needed something to do to ease the stress I’ve been feeling. So I decided to supplement the random squares that I had with more squares and to make them into a blanket. The project was especially fun because I learned how to do a continuous join to connect the squares. I am 100% going to be doing that again.

Here are some of the other things that I’ve whipped up over the past year:

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts!

As you saw in some of my previous posts, I’ve been working on quilting. I haven’t had much time (or patience) to make many quilts over the past year. The few that I have had a chance to work on have been super fun, though! I had the chance to make a quilt for my niece and a t-shirt quilt out of sorority t-shirts.

My t-shirt quilt was super fun to make. It gave me a chance to do something with many of my sorority t-shirts (most of which I can no longer fit). Making it was super simple. I just cut all of the t-shirts into blocks of the same size and sewed them together. From there I attached the binding and the fabric for the back of the quilt. This was also my first time binding a quilt. The binding was my least favorite part because it was filled with my least favorite thing: ironing. But, I got through it.

The second quilt that I made was one for my niece, Avery. A few years ago I made Avery the quilt featured in one of my first quilting posts. She has totally outgrown that quilt and had been reminding me that I needed to make her a new one for her big girl bed. So I got together some fabric and decided to try out a chevron pattern for the quilt and a really cute fox pattern for the other side.

Let me start describing making this quilt by saying that I will never ever ever again make a chevron pattern for a quilt. It sounded like a really great idea at the outset, but I very quickly regretted it (but I was in too deep). Also, I’m sure that you noticed that the bottom of the quilt is a different color than the beginning. I ran out of the blue color that I had been using and when I went to get more, there was no more of that type of blue at Joann Fabrics. By that point, Christmas was rapidly approaching and I had a promise to make good on – so I had to go with what I could find. Luckily I got it finished the night before Christmas and Avery LOVED it. She sleeps with it in her bed. I can’t tell you how happy I am that she likes it!

It’s a Great Day to be B(l)ack on the Moon

Hey y’all, hey! I fell off updating the blog for basically a whole year, but I’m back again. So much has gone on over the past year and between teaching and writing I did find time to craft, but I didn’t find the time to tell y’all about it. So I think I’m going to break my projects up into a few different posts, so it’s not too overwhelming. I plan to be more present here with the blog and I plan to continue to craft because with the world being the way that it is right now, crafting is one of the only things keeping me grounded.