Crochet MacBook Covers

This is a backdated post. I just realized that I never made a post for this project, so I’m going to do it right here. There isn’t a lot to say about it aside from the fact that it is AWESOME.

Dinosaur Laptop

There aren’t really step-by-step instructions for this one. This is how it happens:

  1. Get your crochet hook. Any size. I usually use an H when I’m doing random things. I’m just a big fan of the H.
  2. I used two different colors of worsted weight yarn that I found at the thrift store, but you can also use a heavier weight yarn and not double it up. You just want it to be thick.
  3. Chain the amount of stitches you need to make the width of your laptop. I didn’t count how many to chain on for my 11 inch MacBook. I just chained until it was about 11.5 inches.
  4. I did a basic double crochet. You can do single. It’s your world, pearl.
  5. I just crocheted until it was long enough to hold my MacBook and whipstitched together the sides. I made a cute dinosaur appliqué to jazz it up.

It will be pretty snug when you first use it. It should be.

I had a few listed in my Etsy shop for a little while, and I’ve made more than a few for family/friends. I think I’m going to go back to listing them on Etsy.


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