Happy Planning!

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I’ve found a way to merge crafting and “productivity!” If you haven’t heard of happy/passion/ life planners, prepare yourself for an organization game changer. The happy planner blends together planning, stickers, and sometimes tape to make organizing your life fun. Imagine a world where planning your week is a fun crafting experience. That world is possible with the happy planner. I promise I’m not being paid to say any of this. The sh*t is just that awesome.

I first got put on to happy planning when two of my friends started doing it. I had just recently got into actually using a planner and the idea of decorating a planner was intriguing. I like stickers. I like planning. This planner was a partnership made in heaven. With my mind set on giving happy planning a try, I went to Michaels and bought one. The planner was reasonably prices ($30) and accessories for it were also reasonable (and there was a sale).


My first Happy Planner was everything I expected and more. I began to look forward to planning my weeks by decorating my planner every Sunday. The decorating possibilities are unlimited. There are even Etsy stores that sell both physical stickers and stickers that you can print out at home. Some of examples of my planning over the past year are below:

After a while I started collecting things to decorate with. The ones above featured things like a dinosaur Valentine’s Day card, a bow from a set of LORAC eyeliners, and cut-up parts of a greeting card.

I  decided to start a new planner with the beginning of the school year. In July, Happy Planners were on sale at Michael’s. The new planners came in different styles and I decided to get the one that is blank. This particular planner came with no dates. Instead, it came with a set of number stickers that can be added on to the planner to start with whatever date you want. The first picture on this post is of the new planner. It’s adorable! There were some drawbacks to the blank planner, though. Placing every single date for a year takes forever and is fairly easy to mess up. It took me about two hours to get all of the dates into the damned thing – but it was particularly gratifying to be the master of my own calendar. No longer could I be restrained by calendars starting at the beginning of the year!!!

Decorating a Happy Planner:

One of the best things about happy planning is that you can literally do whatever you wantThrow a motivational phrase here, a sticker there, some words over there, stick some washi tape everywhere. My new planner came with all types of cool accessories, including page holding magnets. No longer will I have to flip through the planner to find the week I’m on!! This can’t get any better.

For my first week of organizing in the new planner, I decided to go for something kind of plain. I just stuck on a bunch of stickers and a tiny bit of washi tape on the edge of the page. It looks like my week is going to be very busy, so maybe I should stop decorating and do some school work…