I keep that thang (crochet hook) on me.

I began crocheting in 2011 when I gave up knitting. I learned how to crochet on YouTube and my first project was a gigantic blanket that I made while working an answering service job. Since then I have crocheted blankets, scarves, hats, baby shoes, stuffed animals, dolls, tiny food, and clothes. The thing I love the most about crocheting is that it is fast and super stress relieving. I would suggest it to anyone who has some anxiety that they need to work through, or I guess to anyone who is just bored in the house (and in the house bored). Below I want to share some of the things that I’ve made over the past year:

The most recent thing that I made is this multicolor granny square throw blanket. I initially started it last year when I just mindlessly crocheted a bunch of granny squares while I was writing. I found the bag of these random squares while I was packing up to leave Minneapolis to come home to Cleveland to ride out the pandemic. I don’t know how you’ve dealt with what feels like the end of the world, but I needed something to do to ease the stress I’ve been feeling. So I decided to supplement the random squares that I had with more squares and to make them into a blanket. The project was especially fun because I learned how to do a continuous join to connect the squares. I am 100% going to be doing that again.

Here are some of the other things that I’ve whipped up over the past year:


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