Getting Organized – Jewelry


I’ve really been working to save space and get organized. One of the things that needed a little love was my assortment of jewelry. Because I like to be doing the absolute most at all times, I have a lot of big and/or long necklaces and a lot of dangle earrings. The necklaces kept getting tangled around each other and dangle earrings don’t even feel organized when they are free to roam. So I did what I do often – I got crafty.

Issue one: What can be done with all of these necklaces? For me, the best solution to this issue was to get some small 3M Command Hooks. I just put the hooks on the wall with enough room for varying necklace lengths and hung them up (I’m not concerned with them being symmetrical, but if you are take that ruler out and make it do what it do). I doubled up some of the necklaces on the hooks to save space.


Issue two: What about all of these dangle earrings? This issue posed a a bit more of a challenge for me. I’ve seen people on Pinterest use window screens to hang their dangle earrings – but I wasn’t about that finding a Home Depot or Lowes life (or about that spending any more money life – those 3M hooks are not cheap!). I decided to use something I already had on hand – a wire organizer from Target. The organizer had everything I needed, it had holes and was small enough to hang on my wall under the necklaces. So here’s what I did.

  1. Decided to use this wire organizer
  2. Toiled for a while about how to hang the organizer from the wall. I tried the 3M hooks at first but even using 3 of them, they couldn’t hold the organizer.
  3. Eureka! I realized that I had a picture hanging kit and finally found out what those wires in it are good for!  I nailed a picture hanging hook into the wall and wrapped the wire around both sides of the organizer so that the organizer hung from the wire onto the hook.
  4. I hung the earrings on the earring organizer (so exciting that it is now repurposed and renamed).
  5. I celebrated another crafting win!



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