The Sewing Machine Adventure

I recently learned how to sew using a sewing machine. Before you throw me a party for having mastered almost all of the arts of crafting, I want you to know that I learned the most basic steps of using a sewing machine. I am not at all capable of making my own clothing or really cool random things that no one needs – yet.

Below is a quilt square. It was very hard to make. Let me recall some of the steps I remember for making it:

  1. cut the fabric using a ruler to measure
  2. use the sewing machine until it looks like what you want it to look like.

That’s all I’ve got for you folks. One day when I have my own sewing machine and join a quilting club, I can tell you in more detail how this works. For now, just take in the beauty of it.


I think that I deserve an A for effort. I managed to get this done and not break anyone’s sewing machine. The machine survived, I learned how to make the stitch a straight line, and I didn’t cut my fingers off with the blade of the cutting knife. Go me!

This is one step for sewing, and one giant step for my dreams of being a crafting boss. 


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